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angel pins Rosemary

The responses I get from many of those who receive my angel pins are  heart warming.  I am so blessed to have a part in touching many lives and bringing some joy and peace to them.

Here are a few of the responses:

"Oh my God!  I just got home from babysitting my nieces and saw the package.  The angel pins are so beautiful- God bless you.  You did such a great job.  Thank you so much--my friends cried when they saw them.  Everyone should know what a wonderful job you do!"
D. Martins

"I got the pins today and they are beautiful!!!!!!!  I am so impressed by your talent - you have a gift."  Marilyn Nejman

"Rosemary, I am at a loss for words.  I received my pin today.  This pin is far beyond my expectations.  I showed to my friends and  now they want to order too.  I will wear it every single day; that is how thrilled I am with it.  I would like a collection of your pins.  God bless you!"

"WOW!!!! My two angels came today.  I am just WOW! ...There are no words to tell you how much I love them.  Chrissie has been remembered so beautifully!"  Kathie Carrigan

"I gave Stephanie the pin for Christmas and she was moved to tears.  She wears the pin proudly.  She is able to share Kim's story and her love for Jesus each time she wears the pin."  Rhonda Smith, Director, The Light Still Shines Ministry

"Just wanted to let you know I received my angels yesterday.  They are gorgeous!  I will be getting more angels in the future.  I love the work you do.  These are the most beautiful angels I have ever seen.  God Bless!"  Nikki

"Once again you have done an outstanding job, words can not express our gratitude for you assistance with us taking our first step to do something to rise above the grief and pain we have endured with our loss.  I know that I have a forever angel in my life and know I will carry him with me so that others can experience the love that binds us and will never be broken.  I do not want to change the wording for Christophers angel, it is perfect.  May God bless you and keep you and your family for ever safe and close to each other."  Michelle

"I received the Angel Soldier pin today and it is beautiful!  I am eagerly awaiting receipt of the other angels.
The beauty of your angel is a true testament to your artistic ability.  I’m glad I’ve found your website."

"I did receive my angels yesterday in the mail.  They are simply beautiful.  Brings tears to  my eyes every time I see them because they are so special to me.  Thank you so much."   Jodi 

"The three pins I ordered came yesterday, and they are just beautiful!  I am so glad I found you.   I have been looking for nice angel jewelry for a couple years, and never found the right ones till I found yours. One of my friends is having life threatening surgery today, and the angel is on the way to her bedside.   She lives in Tennessee. Another angel will go to my friend at a local rest home, who is wheel chair bound, and has very little use of her arms and hands.  I chose "Expect a Miracle" for her.
Thanks for your promptness, but mostly for your artistry."   Mary Ellen

"I received my "Michael" angel pin yesterday, and I couldn't be more pleased.  What an lovely and fitting remembrance of our precious little grandbaby, whom we miss so very much.  I am proudly wearing the pin, as we speak, and I thank you for making it for me.  Your talent is a special gift, and you are using it in such a gracious, loving way.  Bless you.......".Linda

 "The picture did not do justice to Betty's angel. It is much prettier in person than the picture represented it to be.
 Thank you again for the designing. It is a pleasure to work with you and you are a very talented person who brings peace to the people you design for."  Terrie

 I wear my angel pin every day on my police uniform.  My  angel protects me and I always receive so many compliments. Thanks again for being you and designing such unique angels.  Your work makes the angels smile in heaven...".Officer Patricia Graveline, Houston ISD Police Dept...

I received my angel pin this afternoon in the mail.  It came in perfect condition and is far more beautiful than the picture online showed.  I am currently being treated for a brain tumor and I am a firm believer in ALL types of miracles.  Thank you so much for making such an inspirational piece of jewelry. A. Fleck

Angels arrived today. They are beautiful! The dove of peace angel is for my pastor. She loves religious jewelry. The other is for an 86 year old church lady who is hosting me for christmas dinner. She too loves religous jewelry. Your talent will spread joy in Arlington, VA this Christmas. 

  I looked everywhere for a pretty little Autism Angel and I was very happy to have found your website while searching the web.
I have four daughters who have Autism and I wanted to wear a pretty holiday piece to represent them and your angel was just perfect! Kathleen Johnson

Thank you!  I very much loved the Thinking of You angel and it inspired to me to order a few more.  You have very beautiful work and I am so glad to have been able to purchase your products.   I will let you know when this latest order is received. Best, Jeff
Jeff Marcoe
Executive Director, Government Affairs
United States Chamber of Commerce

I received my angels today.  They are beautiful as always.  I have made a tradition of giving my mother and my sister an angel for Christmas every year.  They always love it when they find it is one of your pins.

Thank you for the beautiful angel.  I lost my son in an accident a little over two years ago and it has been very tough without him since then.  I try to buy  things for him that are keepsakes.  This angel made me cry and smile all at once.  My son loved to fish and I know he is fishing in Heaven.  Thank you so much. Janelle 

OMG - I received it today and was going to write you and tell you how beautiful they are - the pictures just don't do them justice. They are gorgeous!  I can't wait to show mine off - thank you very much!

I have received your package in this mornings mail. The angel pin is absolutely breathtaking! Also, the book looks so good! I can't wait to read it! Thank you so much for your quick and high quality service!  Karen Wanke


I would like to let you know that I received the three Barbra Patricia
angels today that I ordered from you.  They are absolutely beautiful
and I also loved the engraving on the inside.  I can not tell you how
special these angels are to me, being named after my sister, who is so
very special in every way!!!!!  The angels arrived perfectly and the
little gift bag that you included was so thoughtful.  Thank you for an
absolutely perfect transaction...and for the angels, which I truly
love,Warmest regards,Ginger

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