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Newsletter January 2016

Hello angels,  WOW! the New Year has arrived.   We had a wonderful holiday season with family and are looking forward to what 2016 brings.    I would love to hear from all of you even if you are not ordering at this time and let me know how you are doing.

We are rapidly approaching  February so I have decided to use this newsletter to highlight my Valentine angels.  I have designed several new valentine angels this month and hope you will go to http://www.rosemaryangels.com/valentine-angel-pins.html and enjoy them.  The special for this month is precious at $5.00.


This lovely angel is about 4inches tall and features billowing  wings and flowing skirt.  A crystal halo sits atop her pearl head and a red heart adorns the angel at the neck.

0116 Valentine Feature
Price $24.95


Name this angel!

This little angel is about 1  1/2 inches tall and features a ruffle skirt, scalloped wings and a golden puffed heart at the neck.  She is all silver - sorry the scanner picked up some gold from the heart.

Name this angel to win - Send your entried to me at:  rosemary@rosemaryangels.com
Please tell me why you have chosen a particular name.  If your entry is chosen, you win the angel.  Anyone may purchase this angel at any time, but is free to the winner of the contest.

0116 Contest
Price $15.95



This is another one of my Valentine angels.  It is about 2 1/2 inches tall and features an embossed pleated skirt with filigree wings, a gold halo atop the pearl head and a beautiful frilly heart with a rose inside.  She is a beauty!

Valentine 1
Price $21.95


I did not get a response from the winner of the November contest - Barbara, please let me know your current shipping address and your angel will be on the way.


Congratulations to Barbara Gould, winner of the November contest.  Here is her entry:

"I would name her Bethann, for my daughter. Jan.25,2016, will be her 6th Anniversary clean. The angel has 6 flowers that represent each year of rebirth. She is an adult. She is a productive member of society again. There was a time when I had no idea if she was alive or dead. The one thing I did know God would send angels to protect her. She knows that to be true because she got the strength to call for help."

Price $19.95



January 2016 Special of the Month

This tiny angel is only 1  1/4 inches tall and features a filigree skirt and head piece, filigree wings, a red heart and a gold halo atop her pearl head.
Get as many of these as you want through January - would be lovely to give to your church group,  your group of friends, as well as the angels in your family.  What a special touch and a wonderful way to share your love.

0116 Special
Price $5.00


"We are each of us angels with only one wing.  And we can only fly by
 embracing each other."                Luciano de Crescenzo

Rosemary Trevino
2308 Messina Dr.
Pearland, TX 77581

Phone 832-693-1020
e-mail: rosemary@rosemaryangels.com