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CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production. ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead 

1 1/2 inches

The Littlest Angel Pin
Price:  $13.95
Angel of Beauty
1 1/2 inches

Angel of Beauty Angel Pin
Price:  $17.95

1 3/4 inches

Patience Angel Pin
Price:  $17.95

1 1/4 inches

Thinking of You Angel Pin
Price:  $16.95
1 1/2 inches

Angel of Sympathy Angel Pin
Price:  $15.95

1 1/2 inches

Heart Angel Pin
Price:  $14.95
angel of love
1 1/2 inches

Angel of Love Angel Pin
Price:  $14.95

1 1/2 inches

"Forever in My Heart Angel Pin
Price:  $15.95

Acceptance Mark

These beautiful guardian angel pins are great to wear  any time.  An angel pin reminds us that there is something greater than us.  What at wonderful gift for any occasion - thank you, birthday, holiday, thinking of you, secret pal, and more.  Guardian angels also make great gifts for office staff, church leaders, teachers, and fundraisers.  These angel pins are inexpensive and unique and guaranteed to please.

Guardian angels - who are they?  I believe we have earthly guardian angels as well as heavenly guardian angels.   Our guardian angel  could be a caregiver, a friend, a neighbor, a spouse, a parent, a child and the list goes on.

I have had some major surgeries in my life and my husband who took wonderful care of me was indeed my guardian angel.

When my mother was fighting the cancer battle, my sister took care of her, sleeping in her room, giving her the morphine shots every 4 hours, spending days upon days at the hospital.  She even remodeled her home so mother could have her own "space", and did everything possible to make her comfortable - my sister was a guardian angel!

My sister-in-law lost one of her daughters to cancer a few years ago - she was her daughter's guardian angel.  She not only was with her daughter through every step of the illness, and although grieving inside, she did everything in her power to make her daughter comfortable, attending to her physical and mental needs, and raising her two children.  I know she was a guardian angel.

Then, who are our heavenly guardian angels?  For me, the guardian angels reveal themselves in what I call my heart tugs.  One example is when my youngest granddaughter was in the hospital with severe dehydration plus other complications and I was driving the 400 miles to get to her and praying all the way.  A peace came over me reminding me that someone greater than myself was in control.  I believe that was my guardian angel looking over me as I made that trip safely and over my granddaughter as she recovered.

I believe our guardian angels are always with us and we only need to have an accepting awareness  to discover them in our daily lives.  I read a poem once about Where are you God?  In the poem each time a prayer request was made, it  was answered in an unexpected way.  I hope that I am never too busy to hear when God answers and my guardian angel gives me that little heart tug.

Guardian Angel

We have one Angel standing watch above us as we sleep.
Another gathers up the hopes and dreams we wish to keep.
One Angel is the tiny voice that whispers in our ears.
With words of love and comfort to conquer grief and fears.
Of course we have one Guardian one friendship keeper too.
Another just to help us mend the thoughtless things we do.
We have a Guardian of love who protects our Destiny.
And helps us with our soul mate who with we were meant to be.
We have a host of Angels that keep us company...
In order that we become the best that we can be.
Author Unknown

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